Monday, March 5, 2018

Storks Holiday Menu

***Stork's Prime Meats Easter Menu***
Boneless Tenderloin of Pork
Just the eye of the Pork Loin. Fresh-Boneless Excellent for the large of small family.
Extremely Lean!
"Storks Extra Trim"!
Crown Roast of Pork
(Stuffed or Unstuffed)
A real Holiday treat !  Rib Pork Chops frenched to remove the bone and fat
with the exception of the tiny rib bone, that you take in your fingers.
A minimum of 14 chops to make the crown.  The crown is stuffed with our
delicious stuffing. (Apple Cinnamon or bread and sausage).  It comes in its own pan with complete cooking instructions.
"Storks Own" Sauerbraten
Our own ready to cook boneless rump of eye round of beef that has been marinated
to perfection.  Comes with our brine for your gravy and complete cooking instructions.
Including directions for our delicious Kartoffel Dumplings.
Boar's Head Candied Ham
The most delicious hickory-smoked boneless ham.  Sliced and tied. Glazed with
our own glaze, decorated with pineapples and cherries.
Just Heat & Eat!
Filet Mignon Roast ( The Ultimate Roast)
Chateaubriand for the festive treat.  Instructions and recipe for our delicious
mushroom gravy.  Just ask.
Prime Rib of Beef-Club Style
Just the eye of the prime rib.  Rests on a short platform of bone that separates
after the roast is cooked for easy carving.  Ask for our mushroom gravy recipe.
Comes complete with cooking instructions.
Leg of Lamb
An ideal roast for the holidays.  Oven ready or let us bone, tie & season it for you
with fresh herbs and spices.
Rack of Lamb
Smoked Ham
A dried and cured ham from Pennsylvania Dutch Country.  Whole or either
half.  We will make it oven ready for you. 
 Comes with complete instructions for that fabulous roast.
Fresh Ham
Bone left in or boned and tied for easy carving.  All sizes oven-ready.
Fresh Turkeys
All sizes, stuffed or unstuffed, with one of our delicious stuffings
(Apple Cinnammon or Bread and Sausage stuffing)
Boneless Turkey Breast
Bone-In Turkey Breast

We also have available for your Holidays,

Geese, Ducklings, Capons, Cornish Hens, Etc.
If you don't see what you are looking for to make your
holidays complete, just ask, we'll be happy to try and
accomodate you.
Happy Easter!

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